Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 10, Issue 4, 1289-2282
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Well-posedness for a class of generalized Zakharov system
Author(s): Shujun You, Xiaoqi Ning
Pages: 1289--1302
Differential equations for Daehee polynomials and their applications
Author(s): Dongkyu Lim
Pages: 1303--1315
A novel approach for obtaining new identities for the lambda extension of q-Euler polynomials arising from the q-umbral calculus
Author(s): Serkan Araci, Mehmet Acikgoz, Toka Diagana, H. M. Srivastava
Pages: 1316--1325
Strong convergence of Krasnoselski-Mann iteration for a countable family of asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces
Author(s): Shanguang Qian, Wei-Qi Deng
Pages: 1326--1333
Topological structures and the coincidence point of two mappings in cone b-metric spaces
Author(s): Congjun Zhang, Sai Li, Baoqing Liu
Pages: 1334--1344
Derivative polynomials of a function related to the Apostol-Euler and Frobenius-Euler numbers
Author(s): Jiao-Lian Zhao, Jing-Lin Wang, Feng Qi
Pages: 1345--1349
Fixed point theorems for contractive mappings and Ćirić-Maiti-Pal orbit mappings of contractive type in re-defined generalized metric spaces
Author(s): Xiaoming Fan, Zhigang Wang
Pages: 1350--1364
Carathéodory's approximate solution to stochastic differential delay equation
Author(s): Yeol Je Cho, Young-Ho Kim
Pages: 1365--1376
Fixed point results for generalized contractive mappings involving altering distance functions on complete quasi-metric spaces and applications
Author(s): Yanbin Sang
Pages: 1377--1398
On the generalized Ulam-Hyers-Rassias stability for quartic functional equation in modular spaces
Author(s): Kittipong Wongkum, Poom Kumam, Yeol Je Cho, Phatiphat Thounthong, Parin Chaipunya
Pages: 1399--1406
Convergence analysis of new modified iterative approximating processes for two finite families of total asymptotically nonexpansive nonself mappings in hyperbolic spaces
Author(s): Ting-jian Xiong, Heng-you Lan
Pages: 1407--1423
Some fixed point theorems for contractive mapping in ordered vector metric spaces
Author(s): Cüneyt Çevik, Ishak Altun, Hakan Şahin, Çetin Cemal Özeken
Pages: 1424--1432