Some fixed point theorems for G-rational Geraghty contractive mappings in ordered generalized b-metric spaces


Abdul Latif - Department of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University, P. O. Box 80203, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia. Zoran Kadelburg - Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 16, 11000 Beograd, Serbia. Vahid Parvaneh - Department of Mathematics, Gilan-E-Gharb Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gilan-E-Gharb, Iran. Jamal Rezaei Roshan - Department of Mathematics, Qaemshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qaemshahr, Iran.


In this paper, we introduce the notion of G-rational Geraghty contractive mappings in the setup of ordered generalized b-metric spaces and investigate the existence of fixed points for such mappings. We also provide an example to illustrate the presented results and show that they are more general then some existing ones.