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Volume 10, Issue 4, 1289-In Progress
Articles: 37 - 48
Some new bounds for Simpson's rule involving special functions via harmonic h-convexity
Author(s): M. U. Awan, M. A. Noor, M. V. Mihai, K. I. Noor, A. G. Khan
Pages: 1755--1766
Solvability of a fractional functional equation arising in some epidemic models
Author(s): K. Sadarangani, B. Samet
Pages: 1767--1785
Meir-Keeler theorem in b-rectangular metric spaces
Author(s): D. W. Zheng, P. Wang , N. Citakovic
Pages: 1786--1790
Generalized hypergeometric k-functions via (k,s)-fractional calculus
Author(s): K. S. Nisar, G. Rahman, J. Choi, S. Mubeen, M. Arshad
Pages: 1791--1800
On the existence of coupled best proximity point and best proximity point for Suzuki type alpha^+-theta-proximal multivalued mappings
Author(s): H. Liu, X. Fan, L. Yan, Z. Wang
Pages: 1801--1819
Existence theorems for nonlinear second-order three-point boundary value problems involving the distributional Henstock-Kurzweil integral
Author(s): X. You, W. Liu, G. Ye, D. Zhao
Pages: 1820--1829
Exponential stability of neutral stochastic functional differential equations driven by G-Brownian motion
Author(s): M. Zhu, J. P. Li, Y. X. Zhu
Pages: 1830--1841
Existence of homoclinic orbits for a higher order difference system
Author(s): X. Liu, T. Zhou, H. P. Shi
Pages: 1842--1853
Integral inequalities of the Hermite--Hadamard type for (alpha,m)-GA-convex functions
Author(s): Y. Shuang, F. Qi
Pages: 1854--1860
Berge's maximum theorem to vector-valued functions with some applications
Author(s): Q. Xiaoling, P. Dingtao, Y. Jian
Pages: 1861--1872
Optimal tracking performance of discrete-time systems with quantization
Author(s): C.-Y. Chen, W. Gui, Sh. Zhou, Z.-W. Liu, Z.-H. Guan, N. Gui
Pages: 1873--1880
Common coupled fixed point results in multiplicative metric spaces and applications
Author(s): Y. Jiang, F. Gu
Pages: 1881--1895

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