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Volume 10, Issue 5, 2283-2859
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Infinitely many nontrivial solutions for fractional boundary value problems with impulses and perturbation
Author(s): P. Li, J. Ma, H. Wang, Z. Li
Pages: 2283--2295
Ulam-Hyers stability, well-posedness and limit shadowing property of the fixed point problems for some contractive mappings in M_s-metric spaces
Author(s): M. Zhou, X.-L. Liu, Y. J. Cho, B. Damjanovic
Pages: 2296--2308
Improved conditions for neutral delay systems with novel inequalities
Author(s): L. L. Xiong, J. Cheng, X. Z. Liu, T. Wu
Pages: 2309--2317
Weak theta-phi-contraction and discontinuity
Author(s): D. W. Zheng, P. Wang
Pages: 2318--2323
Bilinearization and new soliton solutions of Whitham-Broer-Kaup equations with time-dependent coefficients
Author(s): S. Zhang, Z. Y. Wang
Pages: 2324--2339
On some subclasses of hypergeometric functions with Djrbashian Cauchy type kernel
Author(s): J. E. Restrepo, A. Jerbashian, P. Agarwal
Pages: 2340--2349
Fixed point results for generalized Theta-contractions
Author(s): J. Ahmad, A. E. Al-Mazrooei, Y. J. Cho, Y.-O. Yang
Pages: 2350--2358
Fixed point results for generalized contractive multivalued maps
Author(s): A. M. Alkhammash, A. A. N. Abdou, A. Latif
Pages: 2359--2365
Solvability of fractional p-Laplacian boundary value problems with controlled parameters
Author(s): T. F. Shen, W. B. Liu
Pages: 2366--2383
Fourier series of sums of products of poly-Bernoulli functions and their applications
Author(s): T. Kim, D. S. Kim, D. V. Dolgy, J.-W. Park
Pages: 2384--2401
Application of fixed point theory for approximating of a positive-additive functional equation in intuitionistic random C*-algebras
Author(s): J. Vahidi
Pages: 2402--2407
A linear multisensor PHD filters via the measurement product space
Author(s): W. Liu, Y. Chen, C. Wen, H. Cui
Pages: 2408--2422

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