Some properties and mappings on weakly \(\nu \)-Lindelöf generalized topological spaces

Volume 10, Issue 8, pp 4150--4161

Publication Date: 2017-08-10


M. Abuage
A. Kılıçman


Our work aims to study weakly \(\nu \)-Lindelöf (briefly \(w\nu \)-Lindelöf) space in generalized topological spaces. Some characterizations of \(w\nu \)-Lindelöf subspaces and subsets are showed. Furthermore, we shall show that the \(w\nu \)-Lindelöf generalized topological space is not a hereditary property. Finally, the effect of some mappings and decompositions of continuity are studied. The main result that we obtained on is the effect of almost \((\nu, \mu)\)-continuous function on \(w\nu \)-Lindelöf generalized topological space.


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