Fixed point theorems for contractive mappings and Ćirić-Maiti-Pal orbit mappings of contractive type in re-defined generalized metric spaces


Xiaoming Fan - College of Teacher Education, Harbin Normal University, Harbin, 150025, P. R. China.
Zhigang Wang - School of Mathematical Sciences, Harbin Normal University, Harbin, 150025, P. R. China.


In this paper, the re-defined generalized metric space which is equivalent to the generalized metric spaces defined by Jleli and Samet is presented so that some well-known spaces are incorporated in the area of re-defined generalized metric spaces. Some fixed point existence and uniqueness results of contractive and generalized contraction mappings defined on such metric spaces are provided. Especially, we discussed the fixed point existence results of Ćirić-Maiti-Pal orbit mappings of contractive type in the re-defined generalized metric spaces. In addition, some examples are provided to better support the fixed point results.


Re-defined generalized metric space, fixed point theorems, Ćirić-Maiti-Pal orbit mapping of contractive type, f-orbitally complete.


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