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Volume 5, Issue 4, 241-345
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An Analytical Approximation For Boundary Layer Flow Convection Heat And Mass Transfer Over A Flat Plate
Author(s): Hossein Aminikhah, Ali Jamalian
Pages: 241--257
Solution Of Fredholm Integro-differential Equations System By Modified Decomposition Method
Author(s): M. Rabbani, B. Zarali
Pages: 258 - 264
Neighborhood Number In Graphs
Author(s): Z. Tahmasbzadehbaee, N. S. Soner, D. A. Mojdeh
Pages: 265 - 270
Mathematical Modeling Of Thermosyphon Heat Exchanger For Energy Saving
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Sarmasti Emami
Pages: 271 - 279
Solving Nonlinear System Of Mixed Volterra-fredholm Integral Equations By Using Variational Iteration Method
Author(s): M. Rabbani, R. Jamali
Pages: 280 - 287
Comparison Differential Transform Method With Homotopy Perturbation Method For Nonlinear Integral Equations
Author(s): Malihe Bagheri, Mahnaz Bagheri, Ebrahim Miralikatouli
Pages: 288 - 296
Designing A Novel Fuzzy Indicator For Predicting Rate Of Euro-dollar In International Foreign Exchange
Author(s): Ahmad J. Afshari, Danial Khoonmirzaie, Somaye Rasouli, Ensiye Farrokhi
Pages: 297 - 303
Nonconvex Optimization With Dual Bounds And Application In Communication Systems
Author(s): Akram Ahadizadeh, Sadaf Anbarzadeh
Pages: 304 - 312
Extension Of Pontryagin Maximum Principle And Its Economical Applications
Author(s): Alireza Fakharzadeh, Somayeh Sharif, Karim Eslamloueyan
Pages: 313 - 319
Security In Wireless Local Area Network (wlan)
Author(s): Kareshna Zamani, Mehrnoosh Torabi, Hamidreza Moumeni
Pages: 320 - 330
Analytical Solution Of Two-dimensional Viscous Flow Between Slowly Expanding Or Contracting Walls With Weak Permeability
Author(s): Arash Yahyazadeh, Hossein Yahyazadeh, Mohammadtaghi Khalili, Milad Malekzadeh
Pages: 331 - 336
Numerical Solution Of Fredholm And Volterra Integral Equations Of The First Kind Using Wavelets Bases
Author(s): Maryam Bahmanpour, Mohammad Ali Fariborzi Araghi
Pages: 337-345

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December 21, 2015

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