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Volume 3, Issue 2, 102 - 277
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\(d_2\)-coloring Of A Graph
Author(s): K. Selvakumar , S. Nithya
Pages: 102 - 111
Nonexistence Of Result For Some P-laplacian Systems
Author(s): G.a. Afrouzi, Z. Valinejad
Pages: 112 - 116
Multiple Solutions For A Two-point Boundary Value Problem Depending On Two Parameters
Author(s): Shapour Heidarkhani, Javad Vahidi
Pages: 117 - 125
A Remark On Positive Solution For A Class Of P,q-laplacian Nonlinear System With Sign-changing Weight And Combined Nonlinear Effects
Author(s): S.h. Rasouli, Z. Halimi , Z. Mashhadban
Pages: 126 - 134
A New Analytical Approach To Solve Exponential Stretching Sheet Problem In Fluid Mechanics By Variational Iterative Pade Method
Author(s): Majid Khan, Muhammad Asif Gondal , Sunil Kumar
Pages: 135 - 144
A Note On Non Linear Optimal Inventory Policy Involving Instant Deterioration Of Perishable Items With Price Discounts
Author(s): M. Pattnaik
Pages: 145 - 155
Characterization The Deletable Set Of Vertices In The ( P - 3 )- Regular Graphs
Author(s): Akram B. Attar
Pages: 156 - 164
Quasi-permutation Representations For The Borel And Maximal Parabolic Subgroups Of \(Sp(4,2^n)\)
Author(s): M. Ghorbany
Pages: 165 - 175
On The Determination Of Asymptotic Formula Of The Nodal Points For Differential Pencils With Separated Boundary Conditions
Author(s): A. Dabbaghian , Sh. Akbarpoor
Pages: 176 - 178
Fourth Order Volterra Integro-differential Equations Using Modifed Homotopy-perturbation Method
Author(s): G.a. Afrouzi, D. D. Ganji, H. Hosseinzadeh, R.a. Talarposhti
Pages: 179 - 191
Solving Time Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Author(s): Bhawna Minocha, Saswati Tripathi
Pages: 192 - 201
Mathematical Modeling Of Corrosion Phenomenon In Pipelines
Author(s): M. R. Sarmasti Emami
Pages: 202 - 211

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December 21, 2015

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