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Volume 16, Issue 3, 298-471
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Exponential extinction of discrete Nicholson's blowflies systems with patch structure and mortality terms
Author(s): J. Alzabut, S. Obaidat, Z. Yao
Pages: 298--307
Combination complex synchronization among three incommensurate fractional-order chaotic systems
Author(s): C. Jiang, C. Liu, S. Liu, F. Zhang
Pages: 308--323
On conformable delta fractional calculus on time scales
Author(s): D. Zhao, T. Li
Pages: 324--335
Asymptotic study of a frictionless contact problem between two elastic bodies
Author(s): Y. Letoufa, H. Benseridi, M. Dilmi
Pages: 336-350
Multiple solutions for a class of perturbed damped vibration problems
Author(s): M. R. Heidari Tavani, Gh. A. Afrouzi, Sh. Heidarkhani
Pages: 351-363
A commensal symbiosis model with Holling type functional response
Author(s): R. Wu, L. Li, X. Zhou
Pages: 364--371
Computational coupled fixed points for $\mathbf{F}$-contractive mappings in metric spaces endowed with a graph
Author(s): P. Sumalai, P. Kumam, D. Gopal
Pages: 372-385
Contact pseudo-slant submanifolds of a Kenmotsu manifold
Author(s): S. Dirik, M. Atceken, U. Yildirim
Pages: 386-394
Dynamic behaviors of two species amensalism model with a cover for the first species
Author(s): X. D. Xie, F. D. Chen, M. X. He
Pages: 395--401
Nonlinear predictive high order sliding mode control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system
Author(s): X. D. Liu, C. G. Zhang, K. Li, Q. Zhang
Pages: 402-411
The reverse order law for EP modular operators
Author(s): J. Farokhi-ostad, M. Mohammadzadeh Karizaki
Pages: 412-418
Linear interpolation for spatial data grid by newton polynomials
Author(s): Y. Jiang, X. Hu, S. Wu, A. Zhang, F. Yuan, L. Liu, R. Zha
Pages: 419-434

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December 21, 2015

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