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Volume 16, Issue 2, 131-297
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A fixed point theorem in \(S_b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): N. Souayah, N. Mlaiki
Pages: 131-139
Undetermined coefficients for local fractional differential equations
Author(s): Roshdi Khalil, Mohammed Al Horani, Douglas Anderson
Pages: 140-146
Variation of parameters for local fractional nonhomogenous lineardifferential equations
Author(s): Mohammed AL Horani, Mamon Abu Hammad, Roshdi Khalil
Pages: 147-153
Some extensions for generalized \((\phi ,\psi )\)-almost contractions
Author(s): Esra Yolacan, Mehmet Kir, Hukmi Kiziltunc
Pages: 154--164
Bifurcations of resonant double homoclinic loops for higher dimensional systems
Author(s): Yinlai Jin, Han Xu, Yuerang Gao, Xue Zhao, Dandan Xie
Pages: 165-177
A price-performance analysis of EC2, Google Compute and Rackspace cloud providers for scientific computing
Author(s): Saeed Ullah, M. Daud Awan, M. Sikandar Hayat Khiyal
Pages: 178-192
Convergence analysis and approximation solution for the coupled fractional convection-diffusion equations
Author(s): Davood Rostamy, Ehsan Mottaghi
Pages: 193–204
An optimized explicit TDRK method for solving oscillatory problems
Author(s): Yong Wang, Min Sun, Hongchun Sun
Pages: 205-210
Khan type fixed point theorems in a generalized metric space
Author(s): H. Piri, S. Rahrovi, P. Kumam
Pages: 211-217
Applications of adaptive variable step-size algorithm in turbulence observation system
Author(s): Yongfang Wang, Chengdong Yang, Jianlong Qiu
Pages: 218-226
The quadratic convergence of approximate solutions for singular difference systems with "maxima"
Author(s): Peiguang Wang, Xiang Liu
Pages: 227-238
Researches on convex extension problems of fuzzy valued functions
Author(s): Yu-e Bao, Bing Dai
Pages: 239-247

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December 21, 2015

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