Robust Control Of Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Fsmc

Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 659 - 666 Publication Date: May 30, 2011


Mohamadreza Dastranj - Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch, Iran.
Mahbubeh Moghaddas - Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch, Iran.
Kazem Esmaeili Khoshmardan - Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch, Iran.
Assef Zare - Islamic Azad University, Gonabad Branch, Iran.


Due to the vast application of inverted pendulum in robust, one of the most important Problems today is robotics and its control. In this paper by using fuzzy sliding control, we have tried to control the inverted pendulum angle by nonlinear equations. No oscillation in response in seen by using this method and the time for achieving a desirable response is appropriate. The results of this simulation have as well as its comparison with the classical controller has been mentioned at the conclusion.



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